Client Testimonials

Hi Carina,

Attached please find deposit details for final amount due.
Thank you for the installed unitsÖthey are magnificent and they fit in the house so well. We will certainly contact you guys if we need anything else in the woodwork line.


Good Evening Carina, Deon,

Thank you very much for this beautiful MASTERPIECE of a cupboard.

Much appreciated.

Enjoy your weekend.

Kind Regards, Birgit SchmitzQuote
Hi Carina and Deon,

This is an unsolicited affirmation of the brilliant work that you do with natural wood!† I invite anyone to contact me who would like a reference/testimonial about the work of Carpenter And sonís.

I own a large flat near Wanderers Club with an office that I used to avoid at all costsójust because, I suppose, it didnít have that warm, inviting, homey feel.† Well, your light oak wall unit which you built to spec and installed within a couple of weeks of ordering, has made all the difference in my attitude toward office work. This lovely room is now so warm and inviting that I just canít get enough of it and while Iím working away, time flies! This wall unit has bookshelves ó I have LOTS of books and now they are all visible and within easy reach. Also in the wall unit is great storage space and four, yes four, full size filing drawers. (It was so nice to get rid of the ugly steel cabinet!!)

And, I also asked Deon and Carina to make a new coffee table for my living room. I wanted a certain height (higher than most), bottom shelf to hold magazines and books, and a large surface for serving tea and even a light lunch. Deon came up with a beautiful kiaat (gorgeous wood pattern) coffee table; and he liked it so much that I think it was hard for him to part with what he had created! I love it and it has changed the look of my living room definitely for the better.

I am very pleased with the workmanship, delivery time, wood quality and pricing supplied by these sincere, gifted artisans.

You wonít go wrong with woodwork supplied by this happy duo.


Pat Biggam
QuoteDear Carina and Deon,

Iíll transfer monies today for both these invoices.† Thank you so much!† I am very, very happy with everything you and Deon and your people have made for me.† You should see my office Carina! Even since Deon saw it yesterday, I have shifted the furniture around abit and everything looks great.† And the coffee table ó I love it, love it, love it.† It looks really fantastic in my LR ó itís just the right height and size and I love that shelf space underneath. It is just perfect! And the kiaat wood is so distinctive. Iím an Africa person and so appreciate that.

I am a very satisfied client!!

Thank you so much!
Morning Deon and Carina

Thank you so much for returning my desk on Friday, it looks beautiful and the drawers work like a charm Ė now to quickly find the time to repack them !

What I did forget to enquire about is the slim drawer from Richardís desk in his bedroom, you kindly took it with you in order to re-attach the two handles which had come off. Iíve made a note re this for when I call you in 10 daysí time.

Kind regards
Thanks for dropping by and adding the strips. They improve the look nicely.
I see the darker grain on the shorter set of shelves posed a bit of a challenge, so you went with darker strips there.

Much appreciated.
Hi Carina and Deon

I settled the account in full this morning.

Both Rich and I are so happy with the furniture Ė thanks for doing such a great job for us!! And thanks for the professional way in which it was installed and the respect for our home.

We would like you to repair our Oregon pine front door which was damaged in our burglary if you are able to assist us with this? Rich will be in touch.

Thanks again!

Kind regards

Hi Deon en Carina,

Ons wil net weer dankie se vir die uitskende produkte en vakmanskap.
Ons het nog net komplimente gekry van almal wat by ons huis in loop en nie kan glo hoe mooi en indrukwekkend dit lyk nie.
Dankie vir die diens deur die klein regstellings te doen na die tyd. Dit word opreg wardeer.

Mauritz Quote

QuoteHi Carina

Thanks, I have made the final payment

I will organise to send some photos Ė we are very happy, please thank Deon for his work!

Kind Regards,
Peter Black
Head: Strategy and Business DevelopmentQuote