Our Design Philosophy
Our Design Philosophy

Our Design Philosophy 

Rosewood Wall Unit


Although most of our furniture has a traditional feel, we also manufacture modern units, even including the integration of steel and wood in our industrial range.

All the creative and design possibilities given by wood can be realised to perfection through innovative design. This is especially true of natural hardwoods and veneers, with endless variety in colour and inexhaustible richness in textures and patterns.



Our designers and skilled craftsmen combine the inherent characteristics of wood with a creative flair and heartfelt passion in order to turn your ideas and dreams into masterpieces that offer a workable, practical and embodiment of your desires. We do take pride in our designs and we take meticulous attention to detail. 

With our personal design service and the creative problem solving approach of our designers, we broaden these aspirations even further, with face to face discussions.

Our aim in not to create furniture that people "may" like but rather to bring life to the dreams and visions of passionate individuals, in the form of beautiful, timeless handcrafted furniture.


Round Chess Table
Essentially we do not have standard ranges of furniture, because each item is designed around the individual, taking into account their desires, needs and space constraints.